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Microfibre Compact Hand & Beach Towels

Microfibre Compact Hand & Beach Towels

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Lightweight and Compact

  • Our ultra lightweight and super absorbent microfibre towels save so much space compared with a conventional towel. They fit neatly into any suitcase, backpack, sports or beach bag.
  • Our microfibre towels come in 2 sizes, ‘Beach’ or ‘Hand’ as well as 14 fabulous colours so there will be something suitable for everyone. Weather you need a large towel for the beach, surfing swimming etc or a smaller towel to use for camping or a sweat towel at the gym etc.
  • The towels come in a handy mesh drawstring bag, ensuring breathability when the towel is rolled as well making them even easier to pack and store away taking up minimal carrying space in your luggage. As well as this the loop of the draw string offers a useful option to hook the bag over branches, parasols etc or attach to the outside of your bag for convenient carrying.


Quick Drying and Super Absorbent Fabric

  • The finely woven microfibre fabric of these lightweight towels absorbs a lot more moisture and dries significantly faster than a regular cotton bath or hand towel. Not only does this make them much more convenient for outdoor sports and other activities, it also helps to avoid any nasty odours developing as with slow drying fabrics.
  • The fabric is also super soft and skin friendly, it will absorb sweat or moisture quickly away from the skin offering breathability and comfort when used as a sweat towel at the gym or after swimming, surfing and other sporting activities. This makes them perfect as a small gym towel, sports towel, for camping backpacking, swimming, fitness, yoga and much more.
  • These towels are made from the finest microfibre, they are ultra soft and quick drying, benefitting from antibacterial properties. Not only this they are sand repellent which makes them ideal for a day at the beach.
  • They are machine washable


  • Two Sizes to choose from - Hand or Beach
  • Fabric Composition - 88% Polyester 12% Nylon
  • Hand 40 x 80cm
  • Beach 75 x 150cm
  • 14 colours to choose from
  • Suitable for many sporting and recreational activities
  • Please check size guide within images 
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